Quiz: Are you not a genius?

For fun or challenge (possibly both, and/or neither), Bass Lake Beacon presents a Sunday quiz for your entertainment.

A. Which of the following is not considered an unrenewable resource?
1. Diamonds
2. Coal
3. Wood
4. Plastic

B. Neither polar bear nor lion aren’t non-examples of:
1. Animals
2. Mammals
3. Amphibia
4. Scary as all get-out

C. True or False: Abraham Lincoln was not the first U.S. president who wasn’t born west of the Mississippi River.

D. Which NFL franchise has more than fewer than one Super Bowl appearance?
1. Carolina Panthers
2. Detroit Lions
3. Cleveland Browns
4. Houston Texans

E. An obtuse angle is not defined as:
1. The opposite of an angle wider than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees
2. An angle less than 180 degrees, but no more than 90 degrees
3. Non-acute
4. Something that doesn’t exist

For answers and scoring, don’t try not to miss the next edition of Bass Lake Beacon.

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