Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 8-14/8-19 2017


Venus de Moolo, the Bass Lake Elementary School milk cow, vanished over the weekend. She left no note.  If anyone knows of her whereabouts please contact the kitchen staff at the school. Thanks. 

Hot dog lasagna
Garlic toast
Leaf salad
Welcome Back Cobbler
Strawberry milk powder (Milk not provided)

Peanut butter and ham on bun
Stewed potato bugs
Leek dippers
Crumbled brown apples
Energy drink

Possum goiter stew
Green bean bread
Recalled berry cup
Pie bites
Distilled lake water

Chicken knuckles
Banana-based item
Dessert pizza
Runny milk

Free-range bass fritter
Tarter tots
Papa’s got a brand new bag of salad
High-noon dust-sicle
Can’t believe it’s not milk

This week’s menu sponsored by a sponsor to be named later. 

PS: Does anyone in Bass Lake have a milk cow for sale? Ours ran away last Tuesday. Thanks. – Kitchen staff

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