Report: No evidence of invasive species in Bass Lake

By Brock Stafford | Outdoors writer (June-July only)

What’s good for some geese is good for a gander.

A recent probe by Michiana Department of Natural Resources Extension Service revealed no evidence of a threat from aquatic invasive species in the general Bass Lake area.

Steven Cattens, educator and lake-science spokesman at MDNRES, said the findings conclude a several-weeks period of testing.

“Clean as a whistle,” Cattens concluded. “At least, clean as a whistle that hasn’t been spat into.”

Cattens added, however, that Bass Lake still may be susceptible to a less-common waterly menace: evasive species. The lake may be at risk for environmental annoyances that include milfoil dead-bait; crab-a-locker fish-wife; Crocs; elementary penguin; baby fish-mouth; discarded sardine containers; and Nessie’s Crunch.

Trace elements of such unwelcome visitors are not uncommon on waterways the size of Bass Lake, Cattens said. At low levels, it poses little danger for native wildlife or “humanic” activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and “other.”

“Recent analysis should not impede those or other pastimes, either for residents or non-residents,” Cattens said, reading from a department pamphlet. “Go ahead, knock yourselves out.”

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