Quotes of the Month: February 2017

From notes compiled by friends/children of Beacon newsroom members

Feb. 8
An outstanding Warrant.

Notable quotations in the Beacon area, February 2017:

“If he was on our team, we’d be better, you better, you better, you bet.”
— Zeb Dreppelin, head coach, Bass Lake Canoes boys’ high school prep basketball team

“Martin Van Buren, Marty V, to his friends, had the run of the White House during the Van Buren administration … His favorite color was mutton.”
— Betsy Johannesberg, annual fifth-grade presidential 45-word Presidents Day essay contest

“I never cared for her husband or the rest of her family.”
– V. Woolf, 83, Bass Lake, “A Friend Remembers,” regarding the recent death of Marileene Chinder.

“Whatever the mayor says is perfect.”
— Joe Sycophant, recently laid-off snow-removal manager, Town of Bass Lake

“ Vinny Testaverde, what’s up with that guy?”
— Kilroy Flutter, 51, fan of NFL and its subsequent Super Bowl

“Sure, there’s a warrant for his arrest, but it’s far from ‘outstanding.’ These charges are unwarranted.”
— Attorney of Autonomy Jonex, in connection with an alleged incident

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