5 things to avoid missing: March 2017

Activities and events this month in the Bass Lake Beacon area.

March 18: She won't be at the pancake event, so don't even go there.
March 18: She won’t be at the pancake event, so don’t even go there.

March 2 (today!): “Dr. Seuss Birthday Party/Ash Thursday,” 5-7 p.m., Bass Lake Public/Private Library. Featured speaker Al Schwartz, Bass Lake poet-laureate; special reading of “Green Eggs and 锣宝鸡,” courtesy of Beijing Bait & Tackle. Admission free for children 3-and-under; others, full cost. No exceptions.
March 12: Spring-forward, set clocks backward.
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day live-band pre-spring showcase. Featuring Local Cover Band Jr. and Billy’s Amazing Guitar Collection His Wife Wants to Sell at Their Next Garage Sale Despite His Repeated Protests to the Contrary.
March 18: 103rd nearly-annual “Pancake Extravaganza,” 6:45-10:45 a.m., Big VFW Hall, uptown Bass Lake.This year’s theme: “Salute to Sad-Saps.” Host-server: Ben “Uncle Ben” Jemima. Some proceeds go toward community outreach. Coffee, orange juice, sausage and syrup available for an additional fee.
March 20: Bass Lake Town Council meeting,  6:45 p.m.-ish, town hall; the public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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