101st pancake extravaganza takes place

By Clara Glendale | Weekend Food Beat

Scene from the motion picture "This is Pancakes." (21st Century Wolf)
Scene from the motion picture “This is Pancakes.” (21st Century Wolf)

The 101st annual Bass Lake Pancake Extravaganza was held Saturday at the big VFW hall on Main Street Avenue.

Featured meal involved pancakes. Sausage also was available.

Honorary co-hosts were Jeannie Bisquick and Flap “Flapjack” Jackson. Entertainment was provided by The Griddle Crew.

Several people who attended were pleased with the results. One family of six came all the way from Unison to attend.

“We’re pleased with the results,” several of them said, in unison.

Bass Lake Pancake Extravaganza is the longest-running pancake-related event in recent memory. The 100th annual breakfast in 2014 drew more than 245 diners, and resulted in at least one death.

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