100th annual pancake extravaganza set

By Clara Glendale * Beacon reports

The 100th annual Bass Lake Pancake Extravaganza, a century-old tradition that has continued for 10 decades, marks its 100th year from 6:45-10:45 a.m. Saturday at the big VFW hall on Main Street Avenue.

Featured meal involves pancakes.

Additional attractions at the 100-year-old extravanganza: 50/50 drawing for a batch of pancake mix, to benefit Local Service Club; wide variety of door prizes (example: genuine maple syrup); and, as hoped, light entertainment provided by accordionist/ventroloquist “Wired” Algar Bergen.

Honorary co-hosts are Caro Butterwirth and Flap “Flapjack” Jackson. Admission is free with donation of non-perishable container of butter or butter substitute.

Bass Lake Pancake Extravaganza is the longest-running pancake event in recent memory. It was initially called “Our Very-Own Griddle Gathering,” and was informally referred to as “Starch-Based Batter Fest” for a year or two in the early-1980s.   

Clara Glendale doesn’t like pancakes all that much. Email her to tell her that’s OK.

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