Guy arrested, possibly charged, in car-theft case

Classic car, disconnected from this incident, suspected in a high-beam misdemeanor case. (One Headlight/The Wallflowers)

By Max Fontaine | Takes his job seriously

Bass Lake Authority Police have arrested a man who is suspected in connection with an alleged crime in an area outside the local jurisdiction.

Autonomy Jonex, 31, was apprehended Tuesday at his place of employment in Bass Lake, following tips from a resident who might know someone who knows him.

He awaits extradition, although he doesn’t look forward to it.

The arrest interrupted what was an otherwise routine day at the place of employment, according to place-of-employment officials.

“Our operation was more efficient than usual, then — Boom. Ruined,” said foreman Alicia Foreman, following the apprehension.

Jonex is wanted in an alleged attempted car theft in a state west of the Mississippi River and north of the 35th parallel. Authorities did not give him much latitude in the matter.

Police said Jonex also has several outstanding warrants. Jonex’s attorney, who requested anonymity,  disputes that claim.

“Sure, there’s a warrant for his arrest, but it’s far from ‘outstanding,’” the attorney said. “These charges are unwarranted.”

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