Theft, damage at nightclub

By Josh Jennings-Bryan | Pre-summer intern

Among the damage. (Courtesy clean-up crew cam)
Among the damage. (Courtesy clean-up crew cam)

Funky’s on the Bayou was ransacked early today, following a night of revelry at “Rock & Roll Hall of Shame” party, held Friday at the club, which is located near the bayou.

Entry was made to the rear of the establishment — either that, or the front, early investigation shows. Chairs were overturned, glassware was broken and a “major mess” was made in one of the restrooms, according to Bass Lake Authority Police.

Some liquor was stolen, officials said, but no substantial amount of money is missing, according to Funky’s owner Greg Gregory.

“Didn’t lose any cash. I’m careful about that. It’s why I’m still in business,,” Gregory said. “Now shut up and quit asking me things. I have to help the clean-up crew.”

Police are searching for suspects, according to a press release issued several hours ago. Foul play may be suspected.

The bar/semi-eatery is not immune to difficulties. On Thanksgiving Eve in November 2014, fire caused damage at Funky’s.

“I don’t want to discuss that night again, either,” Gregory said during today’s interview.

Police are uncertain whether to call it a burglarly, “or what,” said bicycle-officer/ex-chief Tug McNabb.

“It’s never easy to categorize,” said McNabb, munching pretzels that were strewn across the bar during the break-in.

No one was injured in the incident — yet. Police estimate damage to be at least hundreds of dollars.

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