5 things to avoid missing: Monthly event planner

Activities, events and goings-on in the Beacon area, April 2016:

Living vertebrates are verboten in Bass Lake’s brush collection (Ponty Mython/Chutes Snakes and Leaves)

April 2: Final Four potluck, hosted by Bass Lake Town Council member Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House, 5:39-11:59 p.m., Dave’s House; features between-game mini-comedy, “Houston, We Have a Lack of Institutional Control,” by Dave’s House Thespians.
April 4: Spring stick-twig-and-brush pickup, townwide. Crews begin at the northeast corner of town and work their way around in a generally southwesterly direction.
April 8: Rock & Roll Hall of Shame party, 7 p.m., Funky’s on the Bayou; featuring tribute act Cheap Purple.
April 18: Monthly meeting of Bass Lake Town Council. Topics YTBD, agenda STBR. #CouncilOfBassLakeTown
April 23: “April Foals Day,” yearling auction/swap-meet, 2-4:13 p.m., “Cloudy James” Rodriguez Equine Farm, Over-Westahere Township; by invitation only.

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