Beacon Q-and-A: Enos Felger

By Juliet Montague | Estranged-from-family intern, Bass Lake University

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of interviews with residents of the Bass Lake area. This month, we feature an in-depth conversation with Enos Felger (D-Dave’s house), longtime member of Bass Lake town council.

Feline version of Enos Felger. (Anthropomorphism Institute)
Feline version of Enos Felger. (Anthropomorphism Institute)

Enos Felger (middle name withheld), 63, has served on the local town council for an extended period. Felger has encountered numerous obstacles and triumphs during his career. He survived an in-meeting prank initiated by a former police chief, was a candidate for Bass Lake mayor in 2014.

On a private level, he is known for organizing small get-togethers throughout the year, to celebrate specific, recurring events.

(Links unfindable).

During the course of our conversation, Felger discussed his tendency to fall asleep at meetings, what he likes and dislikes about auto-racing and anxiety that Dave might have to sell his house in the near future.

Beacon: How are you today, Mr. Felger?
Felger: I’m OK, thank you. How about yourself?

Several other Beacon employees contributed to this interview.

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