Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 11/9 – 11/13

Call Random Home Solutions for all your home-related repairs and the like. ‘Let us take a crack at it!”

Blackout pantry grabbers
Pre-compost broccoli
Berlin wall crackers
Lonely freezer cream
Jack Frost’s runny brother

Dr. Livingstone’s missionary surprise
Rejected jack-o-lantern submissions
Beer foam sorbet


Armistice casserole
Mustard gassers
Seeds of resentment
Marshal Foch’s mustache berries
Mayo smoothies

Biscuits & Cheez Whiz
Rutabaga dippers
Job fair remnants
Vesuvius pie
Milk bag

Fish square w/ bun and tartar powder
Tater adolescents
Twizzler packet
Red Bull & Everclear

This week’s menu brought to you by Random Home Solutions. Let us take a crack at it.

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