Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 4/11 – 4/15


Compost is an important part of a balanced lunch.

Kilgore Trout sandwich w/bun
Wrang-wrang soup
Slapstick berries
Billy Pilgrim pops
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Compost grabbers
Turnip clunkies
Pear half
Candy latte
110 percent milk (Coach brand)

Gerbil dry-rub
Brocolli fingers
Kiwi scrapers
Fudge packet
April wine

Goat curry
Mulch of magnesia
Carrot seed
Ice cream cup w/tiny wooden spoon
Pool cover extract

Creamed chipped beaver on toast
GMO pea
Flat-rate pineapple
Ice tray surprise

This week’s menu sponsored by Ned Levelcut Lawn Mower and String Trimmer Repair and Tax Return Preparation and Dock Installation and Removal and Residential Snow Removal Services, LLC. “It’s never too late to file your taxes unless you wait till it is.”


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