Groundbreaking held for domed stadium

By Brock Stafford | And the Sports/News Staff

University-related people dug dirt Friday in anticipation of a new sports complex.
University-related people dug dirt Friday in anticipation of a new sports complex.

Groundbreaking for Bass Lake University’s pending domed stadium transpired Friday.

It took place at the site of former Stadium Drive Stadium on Stadium Drive, where demolition of the college’s former outdoor sports complex had stood for nearly 45 years. The proposed site is out on Out-on-the-Highway Road, but a land dispute remains unresolved.

Speakers at the ceremonial excavation exercise included Morrison James, professional groundbreaking expert and CEO of Regional Professional Dignitary Services.

James expressed enthusiasm as he used his golden shovel to “throw out the first pitch,” so to speak.

“This is the best part of the trip. This is the trip, the … best part … I really like,” he said.

Bass Lake University president Elliott Chamberton also spoke at the ceremony. He was, shall we say, cautiously optimistic that construction of the new dome would begin soon, even if the location of the stadium is up in the air.

“It may or may not be located where we thought it would,” Chamberton said. “It may be here, it may be there — it may not happen anywhere.”

About 13 people and several university coaches attended the event.

Complimentary digging supplies were provided by O’McAndersen Shop of Scoops:
“Best source for shovels and/or ice cream.”

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