Street crack-sealing plan put on hold

By Max Fontaine | Only staff writer who remotely understands this

A ceiling has been placed on crack sealing (Colossus of Roads)
A ceiling has been placed on crack sealing (Colossus of Roads)

A 12th reading of a proposed overband crack-sealing realignment bid opt-out clause, discussed at Bass Lake Town Council’s monthly meeting, has been delayed indefinitely.

Bass Lake town attorney Zip VanAnderlieu explained the decision earlier this week, saying potential unforeseen legal ramifications of the town’s street-upgrade policy “as it applies” to accelerated rehabilitation in the context of infrastructure maintenance and abiotic protocol is both physically and fiscally prohibitive, “to say the least.”

“Any and all changes in question are pursuant to section 15A-clause C of the town charter, with variance to above-grade jointed reinforced concrete pavement transverse-joint bylaws,” VanAnderlieu said. “Based on a feasibility study, shoring and excavation misappropriation are each dependent in full or in part on load-repetition levels, according to a recent local survey of local surveyors.”

Council vice president Carolyn Shee was asked to comment on the matter, but declined for personal reasons.

“I don’t know what to think,” Shee said. “I have my own opt-out clauses to worry about.”

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