Recipe: Ice cream delight

By Laurel and Marty Princeworth | Beacon contributors

Artist rendering of conceptual "ice cream cone." (Alien Enterprises)
Young-artist rendering of conceptual “ice cream treat.” (Alien Enterprises)

In observance of National Ice Cream Month (and just in time for the month following that month!), we present a special ice cream recipe this month.

Ice cream, your choice of flavors*
Cones (flat-bottom or pointy, your choice) or bowls (your choice)
Rum and liqueur (optional, for dessert)

Ladle ice cream into cone or bowl. Number of scoops: Your choice. Pour optional beverages into separate containers. Serve and consume optionally, respectively.

* Flavor suggestions: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, bubble-gum surprise, neapolitan, metropolitan, chocolate chip, marshmallow mint-riple, rocky road, rainbow sherbet, rainbow coalition, Franz Shubert, tutti fruiti (oh rutti), cookies and cream, peaches and herb,  (continued on page 45).

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