Parade to open Fest-of-Summerfest Festival 

By Clara Glendale | Beacon downsizing survivor

Bass Lake High School marching band is expected to take part in the summer festival. Not pictured: Other band members, or anyone’s face. (Nikita Khandelwal/Pexels)

Bass Lake Fest-of-Summerfest Festival opens this week.

A parade is the main attraction on day 1 at the mostly-annual event, formerly known as Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days. It commences at one end of Main Street Avenue and continues to the other end.

Tentative, partial parade lineup: 

  • Ear-piercing siren noise (emitted from fire truck)
  • Loud siren last (miscellaneous)
  • People on horseback, holding various flags
  • Helpers with shovels
  • People wielding flags, but on-foot
  • Classic convertible, transporting Mayor Forrest Bunkard
  • Other local dignitaries, in slightly less-impressive vehicles
  • Insane Stilt Posse
  • Clem Brickston tribute float
  • Bass Lake High School marching band, decked-out in Hawai’ian shirts/leis, not official uniforms, because those things get super-hot in August
  • Candy-Tossers Anonymous
  • Guy driving vintage tractor
  • Another guy driving vintage tractor, with child riding upon lap
  • Yet another person driving tractor, but it’s a recent model, so nobody cares
  • Float: Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants
  • Baby-Stroller Patrol
  • Float (using pickup truck) St. Methodist Catholic Church
  • Some large gadget
  • Men wearing tassel-hats, driving tiny cars in tight circles
  • Float: Queen of Bass Lake, along with selected runners-up
  • Monster truck!
  • Float: Cottage Cheese Emporium
  • Nearbytown High School varsity summertime marching band

For a complete parade lineup, see if it’s available at the festival’s Facebook page, if it exists.

This year’s festival is partially underwritten by Beijing Bait & Tackle and Trout Lane Merchants.

Nobody else contributed to this report.

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