Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/23/2023-1/27/2023

Crab cakes (may contain no crab and/or no cake)
Tree trimmings
Labor, fruits of my (ibid)
Chocolate-covered Fritos
Water shake

Noodles and cracker crumbs
Front salad w/dressing
Canned peaches
Candy cane
Caligula punch

Boyle’s BLT
Lunchmeat pimentos
Single-use grapes
Cough syrup

Hamburger w/bun
French fries
Fruit cup medley
Brownie square

Catch of the day
Beans, green or brown
Banana slice
Drink me

This week’s menu is brought to you by Annie’s Fondue Emporium. “Come dip your meat and cheese in Annie’s Special Sauces.”
Open daily 10 am – 4:35 pm (Closes Wednesday and Friday at noon).

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