Bunkard prevails in recount

By Max Fontaine | One, two, buckle my shoe

Mayor Forrest Bunkard

It’s official – again. Forrest Bunkard has survived a recount of ballots cast in the November 8 general election and has been officially re-declared mayor of Bass Lake.

The recount, conducted over the past two weeks by town clerk/treasurer Olden A. Goodway at the request of several members of the Uncommon Law Party, determined that Bunkard beat the incumbent, self-appointed mayor Carolyn Shee, by a wider margin than originally thought.

“Old Forrest walloped her,” Goodway said as he emerged from the darkened chamber where he did the recount. “Not even close.”

According to Goodway, Bunkard received 125 votes to Shee’s 120. An additional 3.5 votes were cast for Shee’s predecessor, Guy Soundguy.

The initial tally had Bunkard winning with 124 votes, Shee coming in second with 121 and Soundguy a distant third grabbing 3.25 votes. Fractional voting is allowed under Bass Lake’s charter, Goodway said. He could not account for the missing quarter vote.

Shee and members of the Uncommon Law Party were unavailable for comment, Shee said.

Bunkard, 48-ish, reacted typically to the outcome.

“I’m reminded of the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ episode where Gilligan becomes president of the island,” Bunkard said. “Funny.”

Goodway, however, was not amused.

“The whole thing was a waste of time,” Goodway concluded.

Bunkard will not be re-sworn in as mayor since he was never officially not the mayor, although his initial swearing-in was unofficial.

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