Vehicle crashes, driver hazy about details

By Glake Washburn | He works here now

A re-enactment of the crime scene. (Not the guy's vehicle)
A re-enactment of the crime scene. Pictured, from left, not the actual vehicle (not pictured).

A mishap led to a crash late Monday out on Out-on-the-Highway Road.

According to full-time officers at Michiana Highway Control, a 33-year-old man entered his vehicle and decided to drive somewhere. Wherever he was headed, he did not arrive, authorities said. Eventually, he almost immediately lost control of the vehicle, which then slid into a ditch area.

Following the one-car crash, the driver, who advised authorities he was from New Jersey — and still is, in fact — did not remember what had happened during the crash, and still doesn’t.

Property damage has been estimated. Road conditions were poor, but had “just about” nothing to do with it, police said.

As a precaution, the man was road-lifted via ambulance to the nearest traffic-incident crisis center, which is located in Kentucky. The driver’s name is withheld, pending verification of his identity.

A passenger in the vehicle, a dog, 4, was uninjured, but feisty. The pet was released to the custody of another local dog owner for evaluation.

Witnesses told police they saw nothing.

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