Experts: Heat wave could bring high temps

By Dodie Yoder | Recently acquired part-time reporter

A heat wave scheduled to appear this week in the Bass Lake area and other parts of the U.S. could cause thermometer readings to rise, according to regional meteorologists.

“Definitely going to get noticeably hotter,” said Zan Jankins, lead forecaster at Michiana Weather Bureau. “There’s almost little doubt about that. 

Temperature could surpass 38 degrees Celsius, which may not seem that warm, until you convert it to Fahrenheit. 

Heat index could become extreme, but most people don’t know how to calculate it, or what it even means. 

Tips for staying safe, courtesy of Michiana Safety Bureau:

  • Do not get overly hot.
  • If you must work or play outdoors, do it inside instead.
  • Reduce exposure to sun/heat.
  • Don’t forget about your pets, as you’re sometimes wont to do. 

Michiana Writing-Summary Bureau contributed to this report.

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