Town council agenda imparted

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Oct. 21, 2019

Town council members will address the continued presence of a Halloween-themed feline in a prominent Bass Lake alley.

I. The “The Call to Order” order

II. (The) Pledge of allegiance (silent kneeling subject to townwide ostracism)

III. Approval of council meeting minutes, led methodically by clerk/treasurer Enos Felger

IV. Old business: Special state-of-the-town fall 2019 update from Mayor Forrest Bunkard (postponed in September, due to aftermath of Bunkard’s 5-day bender)

V. New business

  • A. Report from town employees union, by Jem Clavert, Toolbox-Carriers Local #125
  • B. Halloween festival update, from co-Resident of the Year Emilee Van Dickinson
  • C. Hey, does the black cat that has been hanging out recently in the alley behind the police station belong to anyone? We don’t want to take it to a shelter unless we have no choice.

VII. Town ordinance proposal: Opt-in for medicinal LSD proposal.

IX. Community sparring (3-minute limit per squabble)

X. Adjournment

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