Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/21-10/25 2019

Don’t let this beauty be the one that got away. Call Couch Recovery of Greater Bass Lake today. Why stand when you can lie down in comfort? (Couch Recovery archives)

Pulled tuna
Natural lettuce
Pizza fruit
Wooden spoon ice cream
Cottage milk

Water veggies
Walnut skin
Tootsie pop

Braunschweiger sandwich
Potato chip
Jelly pod
Stable juice

Found meatloaf
Cabbage any style
Pear square
Mexican cough syrup
Dryer condensate

Hershey toastie
Barn crop
Peach half
Heavy syrup
Light water

This week’s menu is sponsored by Couch Recovery of Greater Bass Lake. Found a couch in a ditch and can’t live without it? Call Couch Recovery. From love seats to ottomans, hide-a-beds to party sectionals, Barcoloungers to futons, Couch Recovery of Greater Bass Lake gets ’em all. 24-hour service. Call anytime. See our Thanksgiving Specials ad in next week’s Bass Lake Beacon.  

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