Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/28-11/1 2019

Stop by Jolly’s Morgue and Donut anytime we’re open. Wear a costume on Halloween and get a free sugar packet with purchase. (Photo contributed)

Reluctant chicken
Gross Domestic Produce
Stem blend
Floor mint
Frack water

Hot dog lasagna
Tree output (four letters)
Cap’n Crunch
Wrung towel

Creamed chipped tuna on toast
Back fruit
Trap fluid

Peeled face w/bun
Brain fungus
Ghoul berries
Iced intestine on a stick
Liver shake

Western omelet
Peanut salad (may contain peanuts and/or nut products)
Mixed fruit seeds
Candy haul

This week’s menu is sponsored by Jolly’s Morgue and Donut. Stop by for a body identification, stay for a cruller. Serving the quick and the dead of Bass Lake since we opened for business. 


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