From our readers: Stop the agenda-cide


To the editor:

I’m writing regarding your recent Bass Lake Beacon submission, Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda activated.

I was appalled to find that one of your “Deep State” “Agents” chose to take such liberty with the agenda, e.g., your apparent attempt at extracting humor from the schedule of our local governmental exercise/requirement.

To wit: holding a meeting, as prescribed in the Bass Lake Town Charter, a copy of which is on file at Bass Lake Public/Private Library.

Clearly, no one at Town Hall could have concocted such flat-fallers as, and I quote, “Approval of minutes and other boring, routine things,” end quote, and quote, “V. Easy Pieces,” end quote. Or how about this: Quote “Public outbursts and unsubstantiated accusations,” end quote.

I wish someone at this paper … your paper … our paper, would take our town and our need for serious, non-fake news journalism more, um, seriously.

I won’t even mention our snowflake/fascist mayor who flings his Commie clap-trap at us any chance he gets.

You can do different.

— C. Bird, Bass Lake

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