Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/28-6/1 2018


Don’t get scooped up by bad luck. Call Glimmer of Hope Vehicle and Addiction Recovery today. (Pelican Publishing photo)

No school

Re-purposed burgers
Baked beans n’ coldslaw fritter
Heirloom fruit bowl (may contain peanuts)
Asphalt pie
Dandelion milk

Pulled pelican w/bun
Lettuce Betty
Savoy truffle
Phlegm icies
Truck spray

Ketchup sandwich
Gross adjusted celery
May berry
Baked Wyoming

Butter beans (bowl of)
Fringe onion soup
Peel d’apple
Stevia packet

This week’s menu sponsored by Glimmer of Hope Addiction and Vehicle Recovery:
Pulling Michiana out of the ditch since late-2007.

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