Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda activated

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For May 21, 2018

Road, interrupted. (Beacon Archives)

I. Call to order by Mayor Forrest Bunkard (Theme: “What If Karl Marx Had Lived in Bass Lake?”)

II. Roll call (not really required)

III. Approval of minutes and other boring, routine things

IV. New business
A. Amendment to amendments
B. Street-closure for repair announcement: Main Street Avenue
C. Proposal: Redesign of town street signs, by resident Emilee Van Dickinson
D. Request for fireworks display permit for Bass Lake Pre-Midsummer Festival Week Days

V. Easy pieces

VI. Mid-meeting break

VII. Town budget repair

VIII. Public outbursts and unsubstantiated accusations

IX. Council-member comments (limit to 14 minutes each)

X. Adjourn-a-ment

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