This Week Now: ‘Icefest’ postponed indefinitely

By McArthur Park | Regional Cake Boss

Global-warming has descended on Bass Lake (Bi-Polar/Public Domain)

Bass Lake’s annual “Icefest” (formerly “IceFest”), a winter tradition whose local roots have been traced back to pre-1981, was set to open Saturday at Gerald Fjord.

Due to unseasonable warmthness, the festival may be delayed until further notice, organizers have speculated in recent days.

Scheduled activities that may not come about, due to postponement:

  • Ice-fishing competition
  • Fish-carving
  • Children’s skating exercise (bring your own skates)
  • Crowning of Ice Queen

Experts close to the general lake area have cited safety as the main precaution for the delay.

“Ice is dangerous,” said committee member and local climatologist Eckley Mandersfield, grinning. “Luke-cold water is far more deadly.”

Regardless of the decision, a scheduled performance by Beijing Bait and Tackle Dancers will take place as planned, possibly at Grumpy’s Friendly Diner.

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