Career fair injures three, hospital hires two

By Amos Emmett / Beacon paddle boat expert


paddleboat race
Chaos at the Career Fair Paddle Boat races. (Amos Emmett for the Beacon)

Three people suffered non-life threatening leg injuries during the recent Career Fair and paddleboat races, held last Saturday from 9:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m., at Gerald Fjord Park and Boat Launch on the east side of the lake called Bass.

On the bright side, two standers-by who rushed in to apply bandages to the scraped shins of the injured subsequently were recruited by Regional Corporate Hospital.

The injuries came near the conclusion of the paddle boat races (Bass Lake Paddle Boaters edged a team with the same name in the finals) when a conflict arose as the boats chugged toward the finish line.

The nature of the conflict, as well as its cause, remain a mystery except to say that three people suffered minor scrapes in the ensuing melee.

Names of the wounded have not been released, pending notification of their parents.

“It was really scary,” said one of the participants. “Seriously. I might have a limp.”

The two Samaritans who raced to the rescue have not been identified pending the notification of their former employers.

“I almost always have Band-Aids with me,” said one of the hospital hirelings. “Today I did. Thank goodness.”


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