3 injured in 6-person pile-up

By Ken at the Paper

The scene at Grumpy's, 145 hours prior to Wednesday's collision. (Courtesy Bus Boy)
The scene at Grumpy’s, 145 hours prior to Wednesday’s collision. (Courtesy Bus Boy phone)

Three people were injured Wednesday in a multi-human pile-up outside Grumpy’s Friendly Diner in Bass Lake.

The incident followed a special New Year’s Eve “extended hours” event featured at the diner.

According to Bass Lake Authority Police, two patrons exited the premises around 10 p.m., when one lost control of himself and collided with a west-bound pedestrian, who then fell face-first onto the sidewalk. Two others left the restaurant shortly after, and each stumbled over the fallen person.

A husband-and-wife team raced from across the street to help, and one (the woman, wearing high heels) tripped on the curb and landed atop the face-first fellow.

Two people sustained aches and pains, and were ground-lifted to Regional Corporate Hospital for treatment. The other injured person, 32, vehemently refused treatment, then fled the scene.

Citations were issued, but details were not released, pending an ongoing investigation.

Grumpy Tate, owner of Grumpy’s, said he “feels bad” about the crash.

“It was a good night, before that happened,” Tate said.


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