Town Council agenda dropped into chimney

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For Dec. 18, 2017

From left, wintertime character embraces another seasonal icon (with mutual consent).

I. Call to order/suspension of disbelief
II. Moment of constitutionally protected (or prohibited) faith-based expression in context of a civic gathering, led by ACLU attorney The Rev. Christian S. Ecular
III. Reinstatement of snow-removal manager, following temporary seasonal layoff
IV. Year-end reports (featuring less-than-prominent fiscal contributors)
A. Clerk-treasurer update, by Enos Felger (D-Dave’s House)
B. Winter-preparation report, by Joe Sycophant, reinstated snow-removal manager
C. Year-end remarks regarding 2017 town progress, (may include sundry, obscure historic references) Mayor Forrest Bunkard
V. Intermission: Results of gingerbread-person-decorating contest (private session)
VI. Resolution for budget-cut approval: Seasonal layoff of snow-removal manager
VII. Swans-a-migrating
VIII. Public comment, for residents who can’t wait until January to continue incessant, single-issue rant(s)
IX. Board-member admission of improper sexual advances/pending criminal litigation (optional)
X. Ceremonial lighting of town hall lobby-cactus, followed by fiery destruction (as time permits)
XI. Adjournment

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