Town Christmas Party Occurs

christmas fun
Snow falls during  Christmas In/Around Bass Lake. (Flossie Crinkley for the Beacon)

By Flossie Crinkley|Neighbor Notes

Several throngs of Bass Lake residents gathered at Gerald Fjord on Saturday for the annual town tree lighting ceremony. Later, everyone teamed up to haul the giant spruce to the town Rhombus where it was leaned against a lamp post until a proper stand could be found.

No one is sure why any of this happened. Especially not the Gibbons family from West Side Estates.

As usually happens this time of year, the Gibbonses were expecting Mrs. Gibbons’ sisters in-laws from Road Apple, Michiana, but they were late as usual so the Gibbonses were unable to attend the tree lighting at the Fjord nor did they make it to the Cider Grab at the Rhombus.

Mr. Gibbons was none too happy about it.

“Same thing happens every year,” Mr. Gibbons said. “Those people are always late. What? They can’t buy a watch?”

Screams of joy met Santa and his Elves as they brought the tree from Old Man Smunson’s place on Out-On-The-Highway Road using Young Man Smunson’s road sledge.

Cookies and warm cider were available for purchase, but it seems the recipe for the Mexican wedding rings was altered to provide gluten-free options.

Children were the winners as snow fell making the scene aptly Christmasy. Santa threw handfuls of candy canes toward the tiny, mittened hands of the youngsters.

Carolers serenaded the people in attendance at Gerald Fjord as the tree was plugged-in, then unplugged and reloaded onto the sledge for the trip into town.

Stragglers missed out but helped collect fallen ornaments. Some of the ornerier children threw snowballs at the carolers.

All in all, it was a festive time had by all. All but the Gibbonses who missed everything.

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