Bass Lake Town Council agenda made-known

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Sept. 18, 2017

Compiled by Zotch Reilly | Good at downloading town-government PDFs

I. Pledge of allegiance (to the flag); kneeling in silence prohibited

II. Invocation, by The Rev.-Dad Billy Sherbet, St. Methodist Catholic Church

III. Passage of minutes (from previous meeting)

IV. Mayor’s autumnal report, by Forrest Bunkard
A. Introduction
B. Possible references to SOTT
C. Main address: “How Husker Du Foresaw “The Vietnam War” and How It Affects Life in Bass Lake
D. Community initiative to remove Bunkard from office (as time permits)

V. New Business
A. Request to use general fund for purchase of new street signs
B. Short film by Al Schwartz, Bass Lake poet laureate

VI. Potty-break

VII. Thyear-itch

VIII. Public display of farm-market leftovers

IX. Non-unfinished business

X. Adjournment

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