‘Garden of the Summer’ winner named

Sample of backyard flower arrangement, including quaint chair. (Provided)

By Clara GlendaleFrolic | Recently returned from paternity leave

Josh and Millie Primrose, of 12000 Outlook Ridge, have been named “Garden of the Summer” winners by Bass Lake Yard Club.

For the year 2017.

The annual award, presented close to Labor Day each year since 1993, honors and/or recognizes admirable attention to detail among Bass Lake-area residents when it comes to garden/yard upkeep.

Angelica Baneberry, recently-former president at the yard club, released a statement, regarding the decision.

“They did well,” Baneberry suggested, smiling. “I’ve retired from the club after 45 years, I want to finish my Sudoku now, if you don’t mind.”

Primrose family members were unavailable for comment, since their property is now on the market for sale, due to relocation efforts that have nothing to do with gardening.

A neighbor, however, was available to spout-off about it.

“They’ve got a nice-lookin’ lot,” the neighbor said. “But we hardly ever talk to each other, and I’ve lived in this neighborhood longer than they have. I think they don’t like me, for some reason.

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