Bass Lake Schools Hobbled by Strike

By Clara Glendale-Frolic | Beacon school beat

Bass Lake’s school bus sat empty Monday morning as an employment action by kitchen and garbage staffers cancelled classes. (Jillian Fontaine)


Bass Lake Schools students woke Monday to an unexpected extension of Thanksgiving break thanks to a sudden strike launched by some district workers.

Kitchen and garbage staffers at all three Bass Lake schools announced the strike early this morning by not showing up for work.

Kitchen workers in a statement faxed over minutes ago are demanding compensation while the garbage/janitorial workers seek better food from the kitchen crews.

School administrators have yet to respond meaningfully to the demands.

Board of education president Simon Greenless, who is riding out the first semester at his summer cabin in Winnipeg, Canada, called the strike “excellent timing” before the satellite phone connection dropped.

Parents and teachers are rushing to fill the gaps left by the strike. Teachers have agreed to empty trash bins and clean up vomit while parents will provide food service.

“So much for the rest of the leftovers,” griped parent Bunyon Johnson when interviewed at a local inn/convenience store. “Hell, they already get their summers off. What more do they want?”

None of the picketers could be reached for comment as most remained abed throughout the morning.

“We’ll get through this,” said Betsy Crocker, parent of twin third grades Bass Elementary students. “We’re working on the menu right now. This could go on for weeks.”

Beacon 7th-grade intern Jillian Fontaine contributed to this story.

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