Arrests of the month: November 2016

Compiled by parts of the Beacon staff

Arrests have been made. (Courtesy photo, Chief Tug McNabb)
Arrests have been made. (Courtesy photo, Chief Tug McNabb)

The following people were arrested and/or jailed over the past 30 days or so, within the town of Bass Lake.

  • Maj. R. Quiggley, 28, rural Bass Lake: Major in possession.
  • Marcella K., 41, Main Street Avenue: Contributing to the vapidity of a minor.
  • X.J. Smits, 42, Bennie Lane: Felony jaywalking.
  • A. Guthrie, 20, Off-to-the-Side-of-the-Side Road: Littering, creating a nuisance, implements of destruction.
  • Crocker C., 51, uptown Bass Lake: Criminal appliance installation, 2nd offense.
  • Andrea P., 36, Granary Row: Pie-fundrasier abuse.
  • James S., 33, address unknown: Dishware fraud — improper plates.

This list is based on official public record from Bass Lake Authority Police. No assumption is made about guilt, innocence or anything in-between.

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