Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/18-9/22 2017


Razor Daze
Call Razor Daze chief stylist Trent Razor and book your cut or hair removal today. Mention this week’s menu and save $2.75 on your next knuckle trim. (Selfie World Photos)

Club foot sandwich
Chip crumble
Creamed corn
Dried Cola
Lake water

Pulled liver w/bun
Cold slaw
Okra pops
Found milk

Fish gyro
Canadian salad
EZ pear
Slimline pie

Donut burger
Bean (green or kidney)
Whipped rutabaga
Milk (raccoon)

Last of the summer hot dogs
Broccoli missiles
Frozen banana
Cider (hard or soft)

This week’s menu brought to you by the good people at Razor Daze Beauty Salon and Hair Removal. “Don’t let unsightly back hair ruin lunch.”


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