5 things to avoid missing: September 2017

Goings-on for the remainder of this month in the general Bass Lake Beacon area:

Sept. 8: Bass Lake High School homecoming day. Parade begins at 4:45 p.m. on Main Street Avenue, followed by float-judging, if there are floats. Game time 7 p.m., Bass Lake Canoes vs. Countryfarm Fightin’ Weeds; crowning of royalty at halftime; after-game dance after game.

Sept. 9th-ish: Announcement of “Garden of the Summer” winner.

Sept. 16: Semi-annual “Harvest Dinner,” 6:45 p.m., Bass Lake Inn-Convenience.

Sept. 22: “First Day of Fall Party Night,” 8 p.m., Funky’s on the Bayou, featuring sic by Equinox, a Styx tribute band (songs through 1975 only); cover charge $3.45. Opening act: TBA-N/A/TBD

Sept. 29: “Kickoff” of townwide post-summer brush collection, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day (except Friday), starting on northeast edge of Bass Lake and working southwesterly. Or perhaps the opposite.

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