Beacon Bits: Harvest dinner slated

Harvest time is special time at Bass Lake.

From Beacon Farm Reports

Bass Lake Inn-Convenience Store will host a Harvest Dinner, according to proprietor Clem Brickston.

The feast will happen Saturday evening around 5, or after the crops have been brought in.

“The whole town is invited,” Brickston said. “It’s been a great year for beans and such, from what I’ve heard.”

The Harvest Dinner, now in its 175th year in some locations, has been a staple of Bass Lake since the early 2010s. This year is no different.

“This year things will be different,” Brickston said. “Instead of me being the one who ponies up the veggies and whatnot I think it would be nice for people to bring their own food to the dining room here at the Inn. You cook it and bring it I’ll and serve it up for half price. What a deal!”

Brickson said the piano will be available to play, for a small fee, and drinks and dessert will be on a bring-your-own basis. A 20 percent gratuity will be added for parties larger than three. Pets and shoes are required but not necessary.



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