Complaint filed for ‘excessive homework’

By Max Fontaine | Hard news school-news guy

After-school special: At least one BLE student is overwhelmed by educational requirements foisted on youth such as herself, and others. (Not pictured: Wireless device.)

A complaint has been filed by the parents of Shauna (Last Name Withheld), a third-grader at Bass Lake Elementary, regarding what her adult family members claim (is) “too much homework for kids her age.”

Official documents were submitted this week to the school board of education. The father elaborated about the situation in his official statement to the board.

“Me and Shauna’s mother think these children — students, if you will — are getting way too far buried with homework,” wrote Shauna’s father. “They’re just grade-schoolers, y’know.”

Shauna, 8, confirmed the allegations during a brief conversation with the Beacon as she awaited a ride home, saying she is fully on-board with the complaint.

“I got a lot to do after I get home, as far as studying,” she said. “I think it’s all too much work, just for school.”

Nobody consulted by the Beacon could verify specifics of post-school day assignments, or how much time the tasks ought to “reasonably” occupy a typical student within a public-school educational context. A task force has been established to verify legitimacy.

The task force consists of residents of a large city in western Vermont. Results of that analysis are expected within five years or less.

The teacher responsible for the workload was unable to provide information,  due to commitments to a night class she is taking at Bass Lake University.

“My goal is to get a law degree,” she told someone at the college.

School board members have not provided a response to the complaint, although the board president has assigned them a list of take-home assignments.

Only one board member, Sue Gurvyn, went on-record regarding the scandal, which wasn’t a scandal until now.

“I have no complaint about the complaint,” Gurvyn said. “I’ve never heard anyone else complaining. That’s my only complaint.”

At least one other Bass Lake parent supports the measure.

“I’m all for it,” said Slinky Paulsen, 56, whose son, Paul Paulsen, graduated from Bass Lake High School in 1999, finishing in the top 80 percent of his class. “I blame all this on the Sputnik scare.”

The board of education expects to make a final decision at its next meeting, scheduled for Oct. 31.

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