5 things to avoid missing: July 2017

Monthly entertainment planner for the Bass Lake area, July 2017.

July 23. Bring a resume and swimwear.

Compiled by Selfish “Gene” Hypothesis | Beacon mirco-contributor

July 7: “Friday Night Live!” 6:45 p.m., Funky’s on the Bayou. Featured acts include Country-Rock Surprise; Mission of Myanmar; Obamatrump; and Cousins of Local Cover Band.
July 17: Bass Lake Town Council meeting. Warning: Agenda may involve current events.
July 20-23: Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days. Highlights include parade, fireworks display, face-painting (adults only), food vendors, Bass Lake Annual Motorcyclist Invasion, beer tent, lemonade garden, occasional live music and other things.
July 23:Career fair and paddleboat races, 9:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Gerald Fjord.
July 31: Bass Lake High School football two-a-days begin (or one-a-day plus (pumping) iron). (Not open to the public).

This month’s monthly planner sponsored in part by Tortoise and the Hair,
pet shop and stylist (manicures/tattoing in back room parlor)

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