Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda leaked

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For May 15, 2017

(caption missing)

I. Official start of meeting

II. Silent roll-call

III. Euclair giveaway (with coffee or doughnut)

IV. New business:
A. Pre-resolution of public utilities strike. Narrated by mayor Forrest Bunkard. Illustrated by Emilee Van Dickinson
B. Clerk/treasurer annual report (2015-16 collectively), by Olden A. Goodway
C. Committee report(s)
D. Update on case of file-cabinet theft, by BLAP chief Tug McNabb
E. Award presentation/proclamation for Margaret Farnsey, voted least-disruptive lifetime resident. (Given posthumously)

VII. Thinning stretch

VIII. Fake news segment

IX. Moments of extreme anguish from the residential portion of the audience

X. And … done


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