Quotes of the month: April 2017

Based on things people said that we documented in print

Punctuality (She’s a Rainbow/Jagger-Richards)

Quotable notables from the Beacon area, during this month.

“I would not want any of the crimes I’m not guilty of to be solved on the basis of what is in that shed. It’s almost as if Larry, Curley and Moe Howard plus Barney Fife were in charge of ‘NCIS: Instant Justice.’”
— Forrest Bunkard, the mayor of Bass Lake

“We suspect drug users or someone needing cash or coffee. Don’t print that. We don’t want them to know we’re looking for them.”
— Tug McNabb, chief, Bass Lake Authority Police

“We’ll be the ones carrying picket-signs in front (of) and behind town hall.”
— Demonstrator, Bass Lake Utilities and Garbage Collection strike

“He looked so proud holding that ham.”
— Jennifer Sparkle, Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants

“You don’t know how good this feels. Seriously, you don’t.”
— “Ed” McGomery, coach, Bass Lake High School varsity softball team

“We had to wait a few days for it to dry out and that, so as we didn’t get stuck.”
— Larry Farmerson, Farmerson and Son Farms

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