Egg collection and ham walk cook-up standing ‘ova’tion

Egg gatherer
The annual egg hunt/ham walk saw lots of eager little ones battling it out at Newlee-Tydald Park on Saturday. (Clara Frolic-Glendale)

By Clara Frolic-Glendale|Secular holiday activities

Little Bilbo Bagginski was on a roll. The 5-year-old son of Jacqueline and Big Bilbo Bagginski set a new record for egg collecting at the annual Egg Find/Ham Walk held Saturday at Newlee-Tydald Park.

Little Bilbo bagged five eggs in the 4-5 age division eclipsing the old record by one. He won a take home ham for his efforts.

“I’m gonna eat this week!” the youngster exclaimed.

Other winners included Samantha Sims, young 3s and under, one egg; Becky Name-Withheld, 6-year-olds, two eggs; and Jennifer Sanderstroms, 7-up, 10 eggs.

Each winner in their division earned a ham.

As the overall champion, Sanderstroms also won an egg cooked any style.

But the day belonged to Little Bilbo.

“He looked so proud holding that ham,” said event chair Jennifer Sparkle of Bass Lake Sidewalk Merchants. “Hungry but proud.”

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