Crops update: Planting season approaches

By Aggie Coulter | Farm(s) correspondent

Rain on the plow (Rusty Shares/Blood on the Scarecrow Photography)

In an exclusive interview with Bass Lake Beacon, local agriculturists Larry Farmerson and son of Harry Farmerson of Farmerson and Son Farms, talked about this year’s early crop season.

“When the days commenced to grow longer, we seen how it was getting warmer,” said Farmerson’s son.

Given that information, the farmer and his son began preparing the soil and now are starting to plant.

“Some days, we couldn’t work because it was raining,” said Farmerson. “Then we had to wait a few days for it to dry out and that, so as we didn’t get stuck.”

Farmerson’s son elaborated.

“Now if there is enough sun-days and enough rain-days, we could get a decent crop,” the son said.

Farmerson added: “Lest we have too much rain or too much snow when the days commence to grow shorter, then we’d have to wait so we don’t get stuck, and what have you.”

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