Soundguy resigns as mayor

By Max Fontaine | Beacon resignation reporter

Former Mayor Guy Soundguy (upper right) crosses the street in this undated photo.  (Skippy Jenson)

Bass Lake Mayor Guy Soundguy resigned his position today in a stunning announcement that left those who heard about it, well, stunned.

Soundguy tendered his resignation via a fax to Beacon offices early Sunday. Copies were sent to Bass Lake town council members and the Bass Lake town clerk.

Soundguy, who has not been seen in public for nearly a decade, cited a “lack of interest in the cynical machinations of public service” as the reason for his unexpected departure from public office.

Soundguy vaulted to the mayor’s office in 2014 following the resignation of Mayor-by-default Delores Common Denominator. Denominator resigned as well following the scandal that became known as HelicopterGate. She died some months following her resignation.

According to the fax, Soundguy also will quit his longtime day/night job as knob-manipulator for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band.

A statement was issued, or an issue stated, through former bandmate Skippy Jenson, lead singer of Local Cover Band.

“Mr. Soundguy prefers to spend more time focusing on not being mayor while not being mayor, instead of doing the same thing while being mayor,” Jenson said. “Now, y’all ready to rock out, Bass Lake?!”

As Jenson indicated, Soundguy regularly failed to show up for anything, including his own inauguration as mayor. He never attended a council meeting, ribbon-cutting, benefit chili cook-off or carry-in dinner.

With Soundguy’s sudden move, two of Bass Lake’s most prominent public offices are with a helmsperson. Bass Lake Authority Police Chief Chiou Yueh resigned last year after just a few months on the job. The position has yet to be filled.

Town council vice-president Carolyn Shee called Soundguy’s announcement “unexpected.”

“I’m stunned,” Shee said. “I mean, how much of a burden could the job have been? He never showed up for anything. I’m not certain I even know what he looks like.”

She will assume the duties of the mayor until a successor is chosen.

As for Soundguy, his statement indicated that he was going to seek a job in the construction industry.

“I’ve always liked working with my hands,” the ex-mayor faxed. “Maybe I can find work  as a ghost employee at a concrete company or a roofing firm. Something out of doors.”


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