Town council meeting agenda thrust-forth

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For Aug. 24, 2015

Council members intend to analyze effectiveness of groundskeeping efforts (Autumn Pullbehind / Model-A Gency)

I. Call to order

II. “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” interpretive dance/invocation by newly formed Lakeside Interpretive Retrospective Dance Troupe. (Rejected).

III Ye Olde business

IV. Treasure Hunt Challenge: Search for Mayor Guy Soundguy

V. Regional critical analysis of uptown errant-weed-purging initiative. (involves use of infrastructure budget).

VI. Personnel Committee: Bass Lake Authority Police

VII. Council vote: Favorite movies involving Brad Pitt

VIII. Annual report: Town council newsletter committee

IX. Public yawning/leftover fireworks display (via public memory)

X. Feral-cat judging contest

XI. Adjournment


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