Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 8/24 – 8/28 2015

dead fish
Dogfish (not pictured).

Dogfish Cacciatorri
Eye-talian vegetable blend
Apple core grabbers
Ice-shaped water sticks
Squirt-gun fill-ups

French toaster buddies
Real imitation maple flavored corn syrup
Breakfast salad
Dessert-flavored toothpicks
Milky substance

Tepid pockets w/meat or non-meat substitute
Brussels stalks
Little Richard tutti-fruity medley
Rehydrated water

Jersey beef ballers
Corn-flour noodles
Help! I knead somebody strawberry bread
Jiggle sticks
Pizza milk

Mexi-mixi bar
I Grew That Club harvest surprise
Tomato roll-ups
Attempted flan
Lawn-crew water cooler

This week’s menu brought to you by the fifth-grade garden club, Mary Mary Johnson, aide/support/bus driver/staff/member. Click here for images of the garden bounty.


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