Beacon Bits: Flushing set for area hydrants

By A. Finn Moss | Beacon hydrant beat

Hydrant flushing begins soon. (File photo.)

“What’s that you spray?”

“Let’s have a clog-free hydrant day!”

The most exciting day of the year for the Bass Lake Utilities and Garbage Collection staff is coming soon to a fire hydrant near you.

Each year, the three-person staff at BLUGC gears up for the sub-annual flushing of the hydrants. And this year brings a special twist.

“We just love these days in spring when we get to flood roadways and front yards with hydrant flush,” said BLUGC group leader Thor Moscowitz. “The local kids with their toy boats just love to reenact the rogue wave scene from the “Poseidon Adventure.”

Flushing is fun, but there is a serious side to the geyser-like maintenance event, Mayor Guy Soundguy said during his weekly voice-altered Podcast.

“Flushing hydrants has a serious side,” Soundguy Podcasted. “It clears out the stuff like rust and stuff that builds up in the lines. At least that’s what Thor told me.”

Check the Bass Lake Town website for the official flushing schedule. Or just read it here.

  • May 1 – Hydrant 1, located at Oak and Acorn streets.
  • May 2 – Hydrant 2, located at the other end of Oak Street, near where the Beckwith mansion once stood prior to burning to the ground during the 1975 hydrant flushing.

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