Hydrant flushed

By Clara Glendale | Beacon Hydrant Reporter

The Bass Lake hydrant flushing was successful. Photo by Clara Glendale.

The Bass Lake hydrant was flushed today without incident. Faithful Beacon readers will recall that last year’s hydrant flushing found Chief Tug McNabb taking advantage of the surging water to try out the Slip-n-Slide he had recently acquired  for his children. The force of the water propelled the portly law enforcement officer into a nearby tree causing minor injuries to the tree. McNabb’s journey was aided by the fact that for some reason he had rubbed himself with coconut oil prior to lift-off.

The maintenance man for Bass Lake Utilities said he placed a phony bomb-scare call to the chief prior to flushing the hydrant to avoid any chance of a repeat performance. The tactic proved unnecessary as Chief McNabb was stranded  in his disabled cruiser on Out-on-the-Highway Road. He had run out of gas. Again.


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